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On grid / Off grid / Residentials / Commercials with Tier 1 and A Grade panels from the world class supplier such as CSUN, LG, Sunpower

CSUN is s global company providing high performance solar modules of different power for reliable green power solution. CSUN offer you safe choice solar option. We offer you high performance power modules from CSUN. Module that we provide you is CSUN250-60P for commercial spaces.

It’s a fact: Residential solar panels from SunPower produce the most energy of all solar panels on the market. Since SunPower home solar panels are so efficient, you can make the most of your roof space to produce significantly more electricity.

LG Solar’s power modules provide the end customer with high output performance, long warranties, durability and reliability. Our solar power solutions will offer you peace of mind.

A full complement of photovoltaic modules are available for the on grid and off grid market, ranging from 6 Watts to 140 Watts in 12 Volt Monocrystalline Modules, 160 Watt to 250 Watt CEC approved Monocrystalline Modules in 5 Watt increments, 200 Watt to 300 Watt CEC approved Polycrystalline Modules, and Custom Photovoltaic Modules available on demand.