We are Rheem Solar Specialist

Choose the right Rheem for your hot water needs now and in the future. It’s important to choose the right hot water system to meet your needs both now and as your family grows. When considering your options think about your hot water usage patterns like the number of people using hot water from different outlets at the same time, and whether you are likely to use more hot water at certain times of the day. Your hot water needs will also depend on the water conditions, climate and water pressure in your area….if you’re not sure, ask your plumber.

Solar & Heat Pump water heaters use renewable energy sources to heat water Energy efficient – Solar water heaters use up to 80% less energy than an electric water heater* Roof mounted and ground mounted systems available Eligible for incentives.

Great energy efficient solution to your hot water needs, if you have gas available to your home 5 Star (and higher) energy efficient models available Choice of gas storage and continuous flow models.

Great for “like for like” replacement where allowed Ideal for use with money saving off-peak tariffs Come in range of sizes from as small as 25L up to generous 410L Generally have a lower install cost than other types of water heaters