Earthsave Solar are passionate about helping Australian businesses reduce their carbon footprint and saving money. Our highly trained Earthsave team members allow us to offer you:


Solar power system installation & maintenance


Solar hot water installation & maintenance


Air conditioning installation & maintenance for split systems, multi-systems and ducted air con.


Solar Ventilation for both commercial buildings and residential homes


Sola Tube Skylights and different Skylights products

Solar Rebates grants & incentives are still available

Powering your business with solar can be very cost effective when accessing available grants, rebates and other forms of funding assistance

STC’s And LTC’s

Small-scale Technology Certificates and Large-Scale Technology Certificates are a tradeable commodity attached to eligible installations of solar power systems. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT currently reviewing this scheme, the time is to act now before it is too late.

Return on Investment

The return on the investment (ROI) for a medium-sized solar power system (10kW) is typically around 3 years. Larger systems can have an ROI of less than 3 years.

High Quality Components

Earthsave supply only the best quality components for every phase of the installation. EarthSave’s solar inverters are manufactured by SunGrow the worlds most requested inverter!

CSUN Australia

Earthsave supplies only the highest quality solar panels. These panels are designed & tested to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, the panels are the brain child of two Sydney university graduates that now work with CSUN!


For companies with a turnover of less than $2 million a year, solar power systems are deductable over two to three years through annual depreciation. Please see below:

Australian Tax Incentive

From the start of 2015-16 tax year, small businesses in Australia will be able to immediately take advantage of a Tax incentive up to the value of $20,000. This can be used to offset the costs of a solar power system for your business.

The tax reforms apply to businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million a year. The support recognises that the 2.7 million small businesses, their tax burden is proportionately greater than for larger companies.

The current tax break will make an even stronger case for businesses to slash their electricity bills by going solar, while building on their brand’s environmental sustainability efforts. In addition to sustainable savings on operational expenses, very visible green initiatives such as solar energy can have a positive impact on consumer perceptions. Solar power for business is a secure investment that reduces your exposure to the rising costs of energy and contributes to sustainable renewable resources instead of oil. With electricity prices going one way, solar is a solid investment to add to your bottom line that will pay off in the future!

Solar Power for Your Business

  • Zero upfront costs and
  • Return on investment in around 3 years
  • Generous Fed. Gov’t rebates available
  • Simple, hassle-free Energex application & approval
  • Suitable for leased/rented properties too
  • Tax incentives available
  • 3kW to 30kW systems
  • Technology leading Sungrow inverters
  • Insure your business against rising energy costs
  • Installing solar since 1998

Savings are Just the Beginning

About Us Earth-Save

Earthsave Solar is in solar market from 1998 and leading commercial solar installer. Earthsave has helped many small business and medium business to take advantage of solar and government grant. We have a range of innovative solutions available including no money down – pay as you go solar solutions.Earthsave Solar are passionate about helping Australian businesses reduce their carbon footprint and saving money. Our highly trained Earthsave team members allow us to offer you:

Earthsave provide only TEIR1 trustworthy and proven brands of solar panels, solar inverters, Australian Manufactured Solar Hot water and USA manufactured Solar ventillation and Mitsubishi Airconditions. Earthsave offer you unique combination of service and are able to offer you a completely tailored solution to your energy requirements. Earthsave offer great value for money and very competitive pricing.